The End Of The Pier Show - Crovie

The Crovie Scape
The End Of The Pier Show
Crovie by Gamrie Saturday July 15, 2006 & The Crovie Prize 2006

Venues for the End of the Pier Show, Crovie Village, Gardenstown, July 15 2006 1pm - 6pm

Exhibition of invited artists will be shown on the area known as "The Greenie" in the marquee provided by North East Promotions of Turriff. "The Greenie" is normally used for the parking of boats during the winter months and is situated adjacent to the Crovie pier.

No 43 Crovie: an exhibition of works by Rosie Long, David Pettigrew, Jane Pettigrew, Cath Roberts & Doleen McLennan.

No 12 Crovie: a display of pieces from the nearby Salix Pottery.

No 7 Crovie: Paintings by Frank Donnan

No 54 Crovie: The Puffin Tea Room will again be serving scrumptious seafront teas during the Show.


A list of the artists taking part in the End of the Pier Show 2006

Pearl Acton
Don Addison
Brian Anderson
Fiona Anderson
Sheila Bowman
Dorothy Bruce
Mary Burnett-Stuart
Joyce Cairns
Iain Carby
Olivia Davidson
Richard Demarco
Frank Donnan
Joe Flack
John Gardner
Katrine Graham Youll
Claire Harkess
Lawrie Harris
Meg Harris
David Humphreys
Gordon R Mackie
Duncan Macleod
Neil Macleod
William J Melrose
Catrona Millar
Deborah Mitchelson
Andrew Nash
Terry Ann Newman
Paul Ritchie
Kate Robertson
Danny Ross
William Russell
Joyce Stewart
Patricia Stuart
Joyce Taylor
Meg Telfer
Frances Walker
Arthur Watson
Jacqueline Watt
Jessie White
Maggie Williams

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